This Idea I Had

April 24, 2008 at 2:05 pm (Uncategorized)

OK, so I took a creative writing class my junior year of high school. One of our projects was to spend a class period cutting up newspapers and magazines and taking words from them, and stuffing them in an envelope. The next day, we combined all of our words into a ‘found poem.’ It was a bit choppy, but that’s just the style.

What’s the point? It occured to me that I was feeling a bit creative, so what you’re about to witness is a found poem consisting entirely of Beatles song titles…(we’ll see how it goes).

“Words Of Love”

You’ve really got a hold on me

Oh! darling.

I want to hold your hand,

I call your name, like dreamers do.

Don’t let me down, hold me tight!

I’ve got a feeling I’m only sleeping.

“Everyone wants to be my baby,” she said she said.

Devil in her heart, honey don’t!


Let it be while my guitar gently weeps.

Cry for a shadow.

I’m so tired.

Golden slumbers eight days a week.

I’ll cry instead for no one.


Mr. Moonlight – I’ll follow the sun, and your bird can sing.

Tomorrow never knows.

Here comes the sun! Come together!

Lucy in the sky with diamonds,

Martha My Dear, Penny Lane,

Elanor Rigby,

Lovely Rita,

Lady Madonna,

Dear Prudence:

All You Need Is Love.



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  1. Missy Brandt said,

    Interesting concept.

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