Abbey Road

April 4, 2008 at 3:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Thanks for the comments last time (they cracked me up). Across the Universe is definitely “an LSD trip through the 60’s”…how didn’t I come up with that myself??

My topic today is a shortie, but I want to share with you why Abbey Road is special to me.

Do you ever cycle through cds? I definitely do, Blue October in the fall, Jack Johnson in the summer, etc. Abbey Road is my springtime CD.

The overall feel of the album is sort of sweet and romantic (for people with spring fever, maybe). But it’s not ridiculous about it. Take “Something,” for example, a classic love song, along with “Oh Darling.” Great songs, definitely about love, but they won’t make you puke. My favorite track on Abbey Road by far is “Here Comes the Sun.” The song is so happy without being over-the-top. I would strongly recommend playing it on a nice day, because I guarantee it will put you in a good mood. The album finishes with a series of short songs including “Golden Slumbers” and “The End.” This gives the album the Beatles’ signature sort of tie-ins before finishing with “Her Majesty,” a 30-second little piece about getting up the courage to speak to a pretty girl. The album is a great musical experience, and I’d strongly suggest a listen on a warm spring day. (Hopefully there are some of those in our future!)


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