Some Factoids

February 28, 2008 at 6:21 pm (Uncategorized)

So I thought I’d do a slightly shorter post this time, as the last few have been kind of long. So I’ve done some digging, and here are some of my favorite Beatles factoids.

Courtesy of Streaming Oldies:

John Lennon’s middle name (before he later changed it to Ono) was Winston. His family chose this name because Lennon was born during a German air raid and they wanted his middle name to be after Winston Churchill. (How very British of them!)

John Lennon’s harmonica used in “Love Me Do” was one that he shoplifted while in Holland.

After Beatlemania began, fans went a little crazy. Some allegedly devoured the grass that Paul McCartney had walked on in California. So when McCartney had his tonsils removed, there was a public announcement that they would be incinerated.  (Today, I bet someone would try to sell them on ebay.)

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones had an agreement not to release their singles/albums too closely to each other so that both bands had a better shot at being #1 in the charts.


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  1. eminco said,

    I like this one. Random facts are always welcome.

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